Frequently Asked Questions

I live in a country outside the U.S. Can I order from 

Currently we can only ship Wild Superfoods within the U.S. But stay tuned, and make sure you are signed up to our emails so you don’t miss a thing.


I just place my order. When when will it be shipped?

We aim to have your order shipped within 7 days, and we’ll keep you updated by email.

I selected the “Subscribe and Save” option during checkout and now I’m subscribed to receive monthly shipments. How do I access my free Fat-Burning Tribe account?

Thank you for your subscription! We’re excited to get you started. Our customer care team will be setting up a free Fat-Burning Tribe account for you in the next 7 days. We’ll send you an email with details on accessing your account.

Once it’s setup, you can access your Fat-Burning Tribe account by logging in here. You can also reset your password by clicking here.

If you don’t hear from us or have any issues accessing your account, send us an email at

I just subscribed to receive monthly shipments which means I get free access to the Fat-Burning Tribe, but I’m already a member of the Tribe. How can I change to a free account?

If you’re a paying member of the Tribe and you’re subscribed to one of our Wild Superfoods monthly subscriptions, you’ll need to cancel your Tribe membership before we can set you up with free access.

To cancel your Tribe membership, go to the Credit Card Info page in your profile settings. From here you can press Cancel Subscription next to Fat-Burning Tribe. This will allow us to setup a free account for you for as long as you keep your Wild Superfoods subscription.

Our customer care team will be granting you free access to the Tribe within 7 days of your subscription purchase. If you have any trouble with getting access, please send us an email at


What if I cancel my Wild Superfoods subscription? Do I get to keep my free Tribe account?

Thank you trying Wild Superfoods and the Fat-Burning Tribe! If you cancel your Wild Superfoods deliveries, we’ll also be removing your access to the Fat-Burning Tribe. But you can rejoin anytime by starting a 7-Day Free Trial.


How do I qualify for free access to the Fat-Burning Tribe?

In order to qualify for free access to the Fat-Burning Tribe, you’ll need to select the “Subscribe & Save” option on for an added discount and agree to monthly or bi-monthly shipments (cancel anytime!).

You can Subscribe and Save to the following products:


I used the “Subscribe and Save” option and signed up for bi-monthly shipments of Future Greens. Does that mean I qualify for a free Fat-Burning Tribe account?

Yes! We’ll set you up with a free account within about a week of your Wild Superfoods subscription purchase. And you can access the Tribe for free as long as you’re subscribed to those shipments.


How do I update my subscription? I want to cancel my Future Greens subscription and replace it with a subscription to the Ultimate Daily Bundle. Can I keep my free access to the Fat-Burning Tribe?

Great! We’d love to make sure you keep your access to the Tribe during the transition. 

Go ahead and cancel your subscription in your account by clicking the "Manage Subscription" button, then click the "Manage" drop-down list, and select "Cancel Order." Then go ahead and place an order for the new subscription.

Then send a quick note to us at to let us know you re-subscribed.


I forgot my password. How can I log into my account?

If you have any trouble logging in, you can reset your password by clicking the "Forgot your password?" link on the login page.  


How can I update my shipping address?

To update your shipping or billing address, login and go to My Account, then click the "Manage Subscription" button. Click the "Manage" drop-down list and select "Update Address". From this page, you can edit your shipping and billing address. Once your changes have been made, be sure to click the "Update" button.

Note: You may need to scroll down on the Update Address page to edit the state, zip, etc. 


How do I cancel my Wild Superfoods subscription?

Click the account icon at the top-right of the page and login to your account. On the My Account page, click the "Manage Subscription" button, click the "Manage" dropdown list, and select "Cancel Order" from the drop-down.

Send us an email at if you have any issues.


How can I skip a shipment if I’m traveling?

To skip a shipment, login and go to My Account, then click the “Manage Subscription” button. Under “Order”, click the order # link and then click “Skip Order” next to the month’s shipment that you want to skip.